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> Healing Hope Director, Gotta Go Corp

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Offering prostitutes economic, social and spiritual freedom

Gotta Go Corporation
67694 East Bay Road
North Bend, Oregon 97459 USA
Healing Hope DIRECTOR
Hunan, China

To Inquire: Please email our Healing Hope Project Manager and Gotta Go President Ede Clarke at eclarke@gottago.cc [1].

To Apply: Please fill out the Healing Hope Director Application which can be found on the Partnership Opportunities webpage at the Gotta Go website at www.gottago.cc [2]

Gotta Go (www.gottago.cc [3] ) is a U.S., faith-based nonprofit organization that is committed to spreading the Gospel through community development. Gotta Go has two projects in Hunan, China: The China Work Project and Healing Hope. Each of these projects has a Director who lives full-time in Hunan and works directly with Gotta Go’s founder and president, Ede Clarke, who is based out of the U.S. and often visits Hunan. Our current Healing Hope Director feels the Lord is leading her to serve in another region of China, so she is preparing to make this move in the next 12-14 months. We are seeking to hire a new Director as soon as possible. The current Director and Ede Clarke will be available to train and help the new Director transition into this role. To get to know Gotta Go and Healing Hope better, please visit our website at www.gottago.cc [4] . For a snapshot of our heart and mission:

Gotta Go Mission
Spread the Gospel through community development.
Healing Hope Vision
To see the lives of the women in prostitution in Hunan transformed spiritually, economically and socially through Jesus Christ, so that they have hope and are walking daily with Him.
Healing Hope Mission
We are committed to the spiritual, economic and social transformation of the women in prostitution in Hunan through:
1. Showing them unconditional love through having a relationship with them;
2. Offering them a safe environment in which they can heal;
3. Offering them the opportunity for gainful employment in a healthy environment;
4. Counseling, which restores their dignity allowing them to love themselves and others.

Director Job Description:
A. Salary position (compensation and benefit package available)
B. Direct reports: Grace House Mother; Full-time Counselor (who supervises other staff and volunteer counselors); Medical Supervisor; Volunteers
C. Report to: Project Manager of Healing Hope

Responsibilities Include:
A. Build relationship with the women and brothel owners and managers
B. Ensure project focus remains in-line with corporate and project vision of evangelism through community development with an emphasis on relationship building
C. Ensure safety and well-being of staff, volunteers and women
D. Manage cash flow, including payroll
E. Facility management
F. With Project Manager, oversee vision, mission, projections and planning
G. With Project Manager, oversee labor, capital, and financial planning
H. Manage government-related issues
I. Update Project Manager through reports, email communications and phone calls
J. Measure performance of direct reports through regularly-scheduled reviews

Director Qualifications:
1. Must be a mature Christian who believes faith in Jesus Christ is the only way to have relationship with God the Father, and that the Bible is inerrant and God-breathed
2. Must have a strong call from God to serve the women of Healing Hope
3. Must be willing to live full-time in the Hunanese city in which the project operates
4. Must have good command of Mandarin and strong knowledge of Chinese culture
5. Must be comfortable engaging in challenging situations with initiative, tenacity and creative problem solving
6. Must enjoy and excel at creating and managing teams of people, processes and procedures, and short-term and long-term projects with measurable goals
7. Plus: Be familiar with Hunan
8. Plus: Be familiar with/Have worked with government agencies in an NGO setting in Southeast China before

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